Construction site with workers installing a light steel framed house. the hand holding a green globe reflects the sustainable light steel building technology

About GenesisGS

Sheltering Our Planet Through Innovation & Technology

As a leading provider of structural light steel framing technologies (LSF), GenesisGS offers state-of-the-art industrial equipment, proprietary technologies and a "business-in-a-box" concept, that licensees are able to profitably and efficiently custom manufacture LSF building components on a mass scale.

The GenesisGS business opportunity offers licensees a package that includes a unique Technology Transfer Program, Engineering Services, FrameBuilder® CAD design software and GEM®  ERP software; in addition CTP® and CTJ® manufacturing production lines and Business Support which includes market research, business planning, with ongoing training and marketing support.

3D renderd model for light steel framed house, a worker stech-welding steel wall panel on the manufactring plant and LSF construction site showing installation process

Through its industry-leading green structural building technology GenesisGS provides its licensees with a turn-key approach and the ability to the custom design and construct light-steel framed wall panels, floor panels and trusses for residential and light industrial/commercial buildings, specific to the needs of each individual licensee in their local region.

GenesisGS is committed to its Licensee to ensure that the manufacturing and construction process is efficiently managed from day one through to the completion of the process, project-after-project.

GenesisGS is seeking qualified partners worldwide to add to its evolving network of licensees.

Green Globe with transparent background