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Global Licensing Opportunity

An opportunity to join the growing global market of light steel framing industry

GenesisGS technology solutions are widely accepted throughout the world as a viable alternative to conventional construction methods. More and more countries are encouraging builders to use energy efficient and environmentally friendly building materials and methods—and GenesisGS can offer you an opportunity to become a part of this growing industry.

GenesisGS turn-key approach to the custom design and construction of light steel framed residential and light commercial buildings, specific to your needs. GenesisGS' green structural technologies provide its licensees with all the elements of the building process. Included in this turn-key solution is instant access to GenesisGS logistics software, manufacturing technologies as well as the services and engineering know-how to enable you to start, build and grow a profitable light steel framing business to serve your local market.

GenesisGS personnel have the expertise and industry related technology knowledge that will assist you in the development of your business. GenesisGS engineers are available to guide your company as you build a manufacturing facility in your region.

GenesisGS now licenses its technologies and innovative products to companies around the world, including in the United States, Russia, Spain, Iran and Canada.

If your company is interested in joining a growing market of LSF builders consider the GenesisGS Building Solution as an ideal way to expand your business. Using GenesisGS technology you will build superior quality, cost effective structures that are environmentally sustainable.

GenesisGS is in the business of developing strategic licensing opportunities with entrepreneurial companies, individuals and government agencies that are interested in taking a leading role in a growing global market in the light steel frame manufacturing industry.

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