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Real Time Access to Data and Information from GEM

i2 Module

Installation and Field Management is a very isolated function in the LSF lifecycle. Today's environment is very ad hoc with limited controls and processes. It relies heavily on the knowledge and experience of skilled tradesmen that have taken years to learn their craft. With our engineered LSF solutions, it is important that the same process and quality controls we apply in the manufacturing process are also visible and implemented in the field.

GenesisGS i2 allows our Installation Partners the ability to access real time data and information about product from GEM, therefore, extending the GenesisGS value stream. Access is available 24/7, from anywhere there is an internet connection.

The following key modules will help improve Manufacturing & Operations to site communications and allow for accurate resource planning and coordination resulting in improved speed and reduced cost


  • Installation Detail Library
  • Shipping and Production Status
  • Receiving Control Module Installation
  • Performance Management
  • Field Incident Management

GenesisGS i2 is scheduled to be released in a future version of inSITE.

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