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Turn-Key Software Solutions for Successful Light Steel Framing Business

Using the GenesisGS in-SITE intranet portal, software solutions are made available to licensees to track Industry specific LSF building projects from pre-sales right through to completion of construction. The intranet portal focuses on the following four key business functions. Front Office Management for all pre-sales activities including detailed sales process management, Engineering/Design to efficiently create and manage building design, Manufacturing & Operations for complete end to end order fulfillment and Installation/Field Management to exchange real time jobsite information with the supply chain. Through GenesisGS in-SITE user specific access is provided to the suite of integrated software applications required to base on the employee's role.

Front Office Management has been designed to allow for business building opportunities through software and internet applications SalesBuilder, ProposalBuilder, VirtualDesigner and QuoteBuilder. This suite of tools has been created to assist the licensee in managing its sales pipeline following a structured LSF process.

Engineering/Design provides a proprietary engineering and design management software called Framebuilder that is the key element in the GenesisGS Solution. Framebuilder is fully integrated with GEM, streamlining the entire building process.

Manufacturing & Operations solution is comprised of our GenesisGS Enterprise Manager [GEM] software application. GEM is process-management software which enables light-steel framing (LSF) manufacturing companies to efficiently manage their workforce and the ensuing production process. GEM, as Manufacturing & Operations Management, is currently used by GenesisGS Licensees to measure and track the entire manufacturing process from the time of order through to post delivery support.

Installation/Field Management solution provides technology innovations to help ensure that installation crews follow the same process and quality controls across every site. This information ensures that there is consistent measurement and standards for customers around the world.

TimeManager allows for detailed task and project specific elapsed time capture, by role, for its entire salaried workforce. This simple Intranet activity based tracking tool provides licensees the ability to accurately identify and track both project and employee performance.

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